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Who we are

we are a team of motivated individuals with creative minds and big ambitions. we came together in 2014 to tell stories in a creative and meaningful way. we believe in simplicity over complexity, substance over trends, that cinematic isn’t synonymous with cliché, and ultimately that less is more.

we love creating films, commercials, corporate marketing videos, music videos, event recaps and social media content to help both individuals as well as businesses.

we are based in honolulu, hawaii but love to travel.

What we do

Personal Stories

Whether you’re a local musician looking for a music video, an artist who loves to paint or make unique handcrafted gifts, an event coordinator looking a highlight video, a client looking for aerial footage, or a bride getting married at a private estate in Hawaii, we focus on all the details and really cater to you. It’s the small details that are often overlooked that help us craft something so much more personal and beautiful.

Social Media Content

We are social media enthusiasts! When Instagram announced its video feature would allow clips as long as 15 seconds, we took advantage on that and started crafting short Instagram ready clips for clients to post right away. This is a great way to keep your followers excited about your event or product.


We truly believe in collaborative work. We work with our clients from the pre-production process to the post-production process to produce the best results.


  • Andrew Tran
    Andrew TranPhotographer/Cinematographer
  • Evan Asato
    Evan AsatoProducer/Photographer
  • Josh Almario
    Josh AlmarioDirector/Cinematographer
  • Tyler Guieb
    Tyler GuiebPhotographer/Cinematographer


Redefined.Media is proud to have worked with amazing people past and present.